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Hysterectomy clips and parametric clips are used in abdominal hysterectomy. These are powerful grasping tongs that are slightly curved at the front. They have a diagonal and longitudinal corrugation on the jaw part, which should prevent the fabric from slipping. The longitudinal corrugation fixes the tissue without traumatizing it. The clamps with diagonal corrugation, which have two teeth at the end of the jaw part, are also often used for hysterectomy. One of the most important representatives is the Wertheim clamp, or the Moynihan hysterectomy clamp.
Clamping pliers are particularly strong and strong clamps, which can be cross-grooved, diagonally grooved or, depending on the area of ​​use, ungrained. They enable particularly strong clamping and holding of tissue. Clamping pliers act as a hybrid between the clamp and pliers. The best known clamps are the Heaney clamps and the Wertheim clamps.

Reference numbers for instruments from manufacturer for PARAMETRIUM CLAMP STRAIGHT 21,0CM

  • Aesculap: BJ 530
  • Martin: 13-635-10
  • Medicon: 52.33.50
  • Rudolf: RU3383-01
  • Zepf: 12-5730-22
  • Downs: FG-035-01-V
  • Nopa: AA 540/00

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