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Medical Scissors

Our top of the line scissors are divided into two groups: surgical scissors and dissecting scissors. The former are generally straight or curved, blunt-blunt, sharp-pointed or swamp-pointed and are used for cutting medical aids. The most popular dissecting scissors are the Metzenbaum, which are the most widely used medical scissors and ideal for tissue preparation. We offer several models of the standard version which are made entirely of medical steel, or provided as Supercut with a micro toothing. For extra sharpness and durability we offer you scissors with tungsten carbide inserts. Our high-end model Mayo or Metzenbaum scissors are a special combination of carbide and Supercut. We also offer a variety of plaster and bandage scissors which are ideal for gauze and pulp transection. Our complete assortment includes: Anatomical scissors, eye scissors, Abdominal scissors, intestinal scissors, crown scissors, fistula scissors, gynecological scissors, corneal scissors, Incision scissors, ligature scissors, thoracic scissors, nail scissors, tendons scissors, tonsils scissor, trigeminal scissors, bandage scissors, and gum scissors.

Operating Scissors

Incision Scissors

Gynecological Scissors

Abdominal Scissors

Fistula Scissors

Dissecting Scissors

Vascular and Neuro Surgery Scissors

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Scissors width Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Customer information on the area of ​​application of surgical scissors

The surgical scissors represent a powerful model for cutting through tissue parts as well as surgical aids (e.g. drainage tubes, bandages) and sutures. Surgical scissors are used in practically all operations. Surgical scissors are used as "standard scissors" in the outpatient clinic, on the ward and in the doctor's office. Standard scissors are used in both straight and slightly curved forms. A distinction is made between these scissors both in the straight and in the slightly bent model after the cutting blade tips. Variants Models in an upturned form are sometimes referred to as Cooper scissors, named after the English surgeon Astley Paston Cooper. However, this designation only applies to dissecting scissors with curved branches and blunted tips, which are suitable for fine, thin tissue or for exact dissections. The Metzenbaum scissors, named after the surgeon Myron Metzenbaum, are special scissors with a very long handle and relatively short blades. It also enables cuts deep in the body without the surgeon being hampered by excessively opening scissor legs. The Mayo scissors are sturdy scissors, the cutting edges of which face outwards and which are more for thick tissue, e.g. Fascia, is suitable.