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Product no.: VUBU-02-8911
MPN: AB 070/11
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Our anatomical tweezers are blunt and serrated across the working part. The fine tapered anatomical tweezers are particularly suitable for this with little pressure e.g. to grasp an intestinal mucosa without traumatizing the tissue. Anatomical forceps offer an alternative to atraumatic forceps in visceral surgery. The most important representatives of this category are the tweezers according to Adson. In addition to the standard models, we also offer anatomical tweezers with hard metal, which in comparison offer a 30 times longer service life. Our anatomical tweezers with hard metal inserts are characterized by the gold plating on the end part.

Reference numbers for instruments from manufacturer for DRESSING FORCEPS NARROW 11,5CM

  • Aesculap: BD 023
  • Martin: 12-120-11
  • Medicon: 06.01.11
  • Rudolf: RU4010-11
  • Dimeda: 10.110.11
  • Lawton: 09.0111
  • Zepf: 10-1100-11
  • Reda: 11110-11
  • Nopa: AB 070/11

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